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Support for pagebuilder for magento2-vsbridge-indexer

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2.0.5 2022-10-07 13:03 UTC



Addition for divante/magento2-vsbridge-indexer module. It will convert content build with PageBuilder to json structure: cms page, cms block and product/category attribute build with pagebuilder (e.g. description)

Supported items

  • Layout
    • rows
    • columns
    • tabs
  • Elements
    • text
    • heading
    • buttons
    • divider
    • html code
  • Media
    • Image
    • Video
    • Banner
    • Slider
  • Add Content
    • Block
    • Products


You can check how html content will be converted to json structure here: examples


  • divante/magento2-vsbridge-indexer >= 1.1.0
  • Magento Commerce with PageBuilder installed and enabled in configuration


composer config repositories.divante_pagebuilder vcs https://github.com/DivanteLtd/magento2-vsbridge-pagebuilder
composer require divante/magento2-vsbridge-pagebuilder

If you already used divante/magento2-vsbridge-indexer you will have to delete all indices previously created by this module. There will be new mapping for fields in ES.