An up-to date version of Rockmongo that includes latest patches and bug fixes

dev-master 2014-06-17 17:51 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-11 15:26:14 UTC


| This version is an effort to provide up-to date version of Rockmongo by |
| including latest patches from a number of forks found on Github.        |

RockMongo is a MongoDB administration tool, written in PHP 5, very easy to install and use.

1. Install PHP runtime environment if you don't have one yet, such like Apache Httpd, Nginx ...
2. Install MongoDB PHP driver (
3. Download the package from
4. Unzip the files into your disk, under root of your site
5. Open the config.php with your convenient editor, change host, port, admins and so on to yours
6. Visit the index.php in your browser, for example: http://localhost/rockmongo/index.php
7. Login with admin username and password, which is set "admin" and "admin" as default
8. Play with your MongoDBs!

Upgrade from old version
1.Copy all files excluding config.php to your old version directory

iwind.liu <> Leader
leblanc.simon <> French translation
Klaus Silveira <> Brazilian translation
bmansion <> Some small changes
Vladimir Razuvaev <> Implement features.
Anton Zering <> German translation
Borda Juan Ignacio <> Panels Layout
Diego Baravalle <> Spanish Translation

* Many thanks to for cute icons. 
* Thank Michal Migurski(<>) for perfect Services_JSON class.
* Thank OFC,  we borrowed json_format() function to make JSON pretty. 
* Thank jQuery, a popular javascript library.
* Thank for mime types mapping.
* Also thank these guys (Marcin, Tyler, Richard, Idan, ...) who spent their time on
  sending feedbacks and advices to me, and let me know i am not alone. 
* Thank Klaus Silveira for Brazilian translation
* Thank leblanc.simon for French translation

Bugs & Issues
Please feel free to report any bugs and issues to me, my email is: .

Source Code Repository
Repositories are located at

Somebody who want to contribute to the project, may help us by doing these:
* Translate messages from English to other languages (you can see them in app/langs directory)
* Make donations here: