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Web Proxy Application built on php-proxy library ready to be installed on your server

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Keep in mind that this is a project and not a library. Installing this via require would do you not good. A project such as this, should be installed straight into the public directory of your web server.

composer create-project myorb/php-proxy-app:dev-master /var/www/

If you do not have composer or trying to host this application on a shared hosting, then download a pre-installed version of this app as a ZIP archive from

Keep it up-to-date

Application itself rarely will change, vast majority of changes will be done to its requirement packages like php-proxy. Simply call this command once in a while to make sure your proxy is always using the latest versions.

composer update


This file will be loaded into the global Config class.


This should have been named "views", but for historic purposes we keep it as templates. What this is...


PHP-Proxy has many of its native plugins, but users are free to write their own which could then be loaded from this very folder. See /plugins/TestPlugin.php for an example.