Creates Laravel crud starter templates (controller, model, migration and view files) with just the title. Also add a resource entry in routes/web.php for the crud. All with one cli command.

v1.1 2019-08-30 12:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-06-30 01:34:50 UTC


With just one cli command you can create a crud (with only a title field) controller, model, migration, view templates and add a entry in routes/web.php. This is just a tool to create some starter templates, not a crud generator such as Laravel Voyager or CrudBooster.


Laravel 5.5 or higher



  • Refactored some code
  • Update/fix pluralization
  • Enable/disable create a model, views, controller or migration (enable/disable in the config file, default on enabled (true))


  1. To download this package, use the cli to execute the following command:

    composer require mvd81/laravel-crud-starter --dev
  2. Configuration, open the config file: /config/crud_starter.php

    Name space for your models.

    'models_namespace' => 'App',

    Path where your models are stored.

    models_path' => 'app/',

    Middleware for the crud routes. Leave empty for no middleware.

    'crud_middleware' => 'auth',

    Route prefix (leave empty for no prefix)

    'route_prefix' => 'admin',

    Location to extend the view app.

    'view_app_template' => '',

    Name of the view section to show the crud.

    'view_content_section_name' => 'content',

    Does this project use Font Awesome.

    'use_fontawesome' => false,

Create a crud starter template

php artisan command:create-crud CrudName

This command creates

  • A controller for this crud
  • A model for this crud
  • A migration for this crud
  • The view templates for this crud
  • The routes in routes/web.php for this crud

Uninstall / remove this package

composer remove mvd81/laravel-crud-starter --dev
Manually remove
  • The folder '/resources/crud-starter-templates'
  • The config file, /config/crud_starter.php


  • Complete this manual
  • Create a tutorial how to use this package


"Laravel crud starter" is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license