This package is a easy to use mail template collection for Laravel 5.x.

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This package is a easy to use mail template collection for Laravel 5.x.

  • You can use it for every purpose.
  • You can override to all templates and all blocks.

🎨 Templates

There is only 3 templates available currently. But more templates is coming fastly. I'm developing beautiful and responsive email templates inspired by Really Good Emails Collection.

🏙 Screenshots are here


Add the package is to composer.json file:

composer require muratbsts/mail-template dev-master

Add the service provider to config/app.php file:

'providers' => [

Create a config file like config/mailtemplate.php

return [
    'template'  => 'default',
    'footnote'  => null,

    'logo'      => [
        'path'  => null,
        'link'  => null,

    'from'      => '',
    'cc'        => null,
    'bcc'       => null,


Use package as like below in your method


use Muratbsts\MailTemplate\MailTemplate as MailTemplate;

class XyzController extends Controller
    public function send()
        $mailer = app()->make(MailTemplate::class);
        $mailer->send('emails.welcome', [
            'button' => [
                'text' => 'Sign up now!',
                'link' => '',
        ], function ($message) use ($user) {
            $message->to($user->email, $user->name)->subject('Welcome!');

Extend your welcome email template from mailtemplate::emails.{$template} as like below


    <p class="paragraph">Hi,</p>
    <p class="paragraph">Cultivar arabica, that, milk robust aroma redeye skinny arabica. Qui skinny, americano barista roast crema single shot filter. To go decaffeinated to go, mug iced sit plunger pot con panna decaffeinated barista sugar café au lait. Cup mazagran milk grinder, coffee steamed fair trade and whipped con panna aromatic.</p>
    <p class="paragraph">Take care,</p>
    <p class="paragraph">Murat</p>

🎉 Cheers! That's it.

More details at the wiki page.


MIT © Murat Bastas