Multi Solution October CMS

v1.0.419 2017-05-15 22:47 UTC



October is a Content Management System (CMS) and web platform whose sole purpose is to make your development workflow simple again. It was born out of frustration with existing systems.
This fork is a Multi Solution boilerplate which includes:

  • Disabled core updates
  • Locked dependencies
  • Enabled DotEnv configuration
  • Builder plugin
  • Docker!
    • PHP 7.1
    • MySQL 5.7
    • Redis 3.2
    • Composer
    • Enabled modrewrite

Using this fork

composer create-project multisolution/october your-app dev-master

Copy .env.dist to .env and .htaccess.dist to .htaccess and update the copied files contents to match you environment. You also should update docker/vhost.conf and docker/php.ini.

If using Docker Compose, don't forget to change container names.

Then you should exec install scripts yourself:

docker-compose exec web php composer.phar install
docker-compose exec web php artisan october:up
docker-compose exec web php artisan key:generate

If you are not using Docker, just remove the docker-compose exec web part.