SilverStripe-Addon for font-awesome integration.

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v1.0.3 2014-09-06 13:24 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-27 04:46:29 UTC


SilverStripe-Addon for font-awesome integration.

New field type

This introduces a new SilverStripe field type FAIcon.

Just add a custom field typed FAIcon to your data objects or use one of the data extensions FAIconizedClass or FAIconizedObject.


Custom HTML tag (FAIcon.Tag)

To use a custom HTML tag. (default is i as recommended)

Optionally using SS template (FAIcon.UseTemplate)

Per default FAIcon renders itself without template. This is much faster, than using If you're using FAIcons extensively, this can make a noticeably difference.

But if you have a good reason, you are able to switch on template usage by this parameter. The template is named "".

Iconized Classes (DataExtension)

Make all the objects of a class showing up with the same icon.

  FAIcon: home
    - FAIconizedClass

In your templates just use $FAIcon.

Iconized Objects (DataExtension)

Make the objects of a class showing up with a individual icon, editable within the CMS.

    - FAIconizedObject

In your templates just use $FAIcon.


This is just the very first version of this addon. There are some todos on the roadmap:

  • Special DataExtension for Iconizable Files (using fa's file-type-icons).
  • Optional spinning.
  • I18N icon designations.
  • Optionally require custom css/fonts or even CDN.
  • Tagging FAIcons.
  • Enhanced FAIconField with icon display, auto completion, tag search, etc.
  • Make CMS menu fa-iconizable.