Load YAML files to TCA

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Writing TCA is always exhausting. Especially if you want to have the element in the New Content Element Wizard. With this extension it is possible to put simple elements in a YAML file.

Currently "normal" content elements, plugins and containers can be loaded from YAML files.

When loading, it is still being tested whether it is possible to load a Flexform. For this purpose, a file with the name of the element (in UpperCamelCase) can simply be placed in the Configuration/FlexForms directory. Alternatively, a file can also be stored in the flexform field.

The yaml file has a section for each of the different content types. Plugins and content elements can each be assigned to a group. Containers are always automatically sorted into the Container groups. In EXT:mst_yaml2tca/Resources/Private/Yaml/Elements.yaml is an example for such a file

Unlike "real" TCA, the section "showItem" is defined as an array. Each entry corresponds to a tab.


To load a yaml file simply insert in: Configuration/TCA/Overrides/tt_content.php

  $register = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(\MST\MstYaml2Tca\Tca\Registry::class);
  $register->loadFile($extKey, GeneralUtility::getFileAbsFileName('EXT:[yourextension]/Configuration/Yaml/Elements.yaml'));