CSV easy import and export with php

v1.0.1 2018-08-19 20:39 UTC


YoCsv is a simple php package to manipulate csv files and apply query on it's data like php-jsonq. This package also allow you to transform your expected data.


Just add this package to your composer.json file to write this command.

composer require msrana/yocsv

Quick usage to read a csv file

Just create an instance of Csv class and pass an argument of file path string. Then call the get() method to get data like example below

use MsRana\YoCsv\Csv;
$csv = new Csv("../source/school.csv") // use right path name to ignore `FileNotFoundException`
$data = $csv->get(); // you will get all row as array

Please don't forget to add vendor/autoload.php file.

Or you can instantiate without passing any argument on constractor in this way you have to call read or import method with a argument as file path.

use MsRana\YoCsv\Csv;
$csv = new Csv();
$csv->get(); // return all data row as array

This package also allow you to apply query/filters like as orm. We use php-jsonq package to inherit it's query functionality on csv file. Please read php-jsonq documentation and their apis to apply query on csv :D.

$csv->get(); // show result

Library used