Comment Spammers, Harvesters and Suspicious users access prevention for Magento2 - Member of MageSpecialist SecuritySuite

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1.3.0 2017-10-28 22:25 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-28 21:43:10 UTC


This module will check the user IP against malicious users database.
It can stop Catalog Harvesters, Comment Spammers and Malicious users.

Member of MSP Security Suite


Installing on Magento2:

1. Get a free honeypot account

Go to and register for free.
Once registered go to and get a free API key.

2. Install using composer

From command line:

composer require msp/nospam
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

3. Enable and configure from your Magento backend config


Set your API key according to the one you obtained from Honeypot website.

Remember to flush your cache.

Threat detected (with stealth mode disabled)


Threat detected (with stealth mode enabled)


Logged entries

You can browse and search logged events for blocked or non-blocked requests in System > MSP Security Suite > Events Report.