Backend Google Sign On for Magento 2

1.0.9 2022-08-10 08:11 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-10 11:53:03 UTC


This is a Magento 2 extension that allows to authenticate into Magento 2 Admin Panel using Google Sign On services.


Install the extension through composer:

composer require msp/module-backend-google-sign-on

Once Composer finishes installing the dependencies, run:

bin/magento setup:upgrade


After the module is installed, authenticate into Admin Panel and go to STORES > Settings > Configuration > SECURITY > Google Backend Sign On.

You should see the following configuation fields:


To fill the Client ID ad Client Secret fields, go to to create the required OAuth client ID credentials (read detailed instructions here).

As Authorized JavaScript origins set the base URL of the site where you are installing the extension.

As Authorized redirect URLs set the URL of the Admin Panel.

You can also define a set of domain-based rules to automatically assign a role to a user or to force a user to use the Google Sign On, as shown below:



Once enabled and configured, the extension adds a Google Login button in the sign in form of the Admin Panel, as shown below:



Contributions are very welcome. In order to contribute, please fork this repository and submit a pull request.


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