Makes telephone optional in checkout.

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This extension telephone from required checkout attributes.

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up to date guide to remove telephone required field from checkout

Please could some one post a guide on the removal of 'required' telephone field in checkout based on the magento layout Version, the majority of current googled resources are out of date and no longer work. This would seem the perfect place to keep an updated how-to / guide.

It would be helpful if some one could confirm the working solution by downloading Magento and providing proof of it's removal, these code snippets are sometimes helpful, but we have yet to find a working solution in an easy to read / documented fashion.


  • PHP >= 5.4.0


  • Magento >= 1.9

Installation Instructions

  • via modman
modman clone
  • via composer
composer require mse-sv3n/m1-required-telephone


  • via modman
modman remove magento-stackexchange-requiredtelephone.
  • via composer
composer remove mse-sv3n/m1-required-telephone


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