html5 generation library

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The better alternative to template engines.


return _document(
            _title('Build HTML the awesome way'),
            _h1('Why should you choose NoTee'),
                map($reasonsForNoTee, fn($reason) => _li(['class' => 'reason'], $reason))

What is NoTee

NoTee is a library especially built for generating HTML5. It is not a general purpose template engine.

Compared to traditional template engines like Twig or Smarty, NoTee has the following advantages:

  • more secure
  • less error-prone
  • simple/easy setup (no compile step)
  • debuggable
  • testable
  • immutable node tree (unlimited node reuse)
  • event system
  • less verbose html
  • functional programming

More Secure

HTML is text. Without parsing the html you would not have any semantics of the contained data.

For more detail see section security in documentation.

Less Error-Prone

By using NoTee, you can never have enclosing tag or quote bugs.

Simple / Easy Setup

Using NoTee just needs a few lines of code in your application. You don't need any writable directory (for compiled templates). NoTee is fast without caches.


NoTee makes use of normal PHP. Just use xdebug (or any other debugger) to step through your view layer.


Testing a view layer, that is based on NoTee is much simpler, because the html is in a uniformed style.

Immutable Node Tree

The node factory produces an immutable node tree. Because of that, you can reuse nodes, without running into problems.

Event System

NoTee has a powerful event system. You need to add a csrf token to every form-element? No problem. Just register an event listener and create one upon form node creation.

Less Verbose HTML

NoTee produces the least verbose output possible. E.g. in HTML5 it is possible to omit the closing tag. This reduces the response size. NoTee tries to produce the smallest html possible. White-Spaces are not there by default.

Functional Programming

Because you are using pure PHP, you can use functional programming. NoTee works well with functional concepts.