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Find the location data from a string, such as prov, city, and coordinates. Dead Simple. Works for US and CA addresses.

Uses on the background


$geo = new Geocoder();
$locationObject = $geo->locate("V8L4S2");

$location->standard->city; //Sidney
$location->standard->prov; //BC
  "standard": {
    "staddress": {},
    "stnumber": {},
    "prov": "BC",
    "city": "Sidney",
    "confidence": "0.9"
  "Dissemination_Area": { "adauid": "59170008", "dauid": "59170036" },
  "longt": "-123.408216",
  "postal": "V8L4S2",
  "latt": "48.662774"

Using proxy

To try avoiding the service throttling us.

It'll try the request until a location is received without ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED

we can activate a proxy list by doing:

$geo->debug = true;
$geo->useProxy= true;

//will download a list of proxies from $geo->proxyListURL. Set to by default


Continuous Testing

The composer.json comes with PHPUnit and the task runner Robo.

To execute the task runner defined in the RoboFile:

$ composer watch

The robo plugin executes the tests every time a change is made in src or tests folder. You can tweak this to your preference in the RoboFile.