This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Building off of the default Laravel Authentication. View and Edit User Profiles

v1.0.1 2017-06-11 05:55 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-11-27 10:04:39 UTC


This laravel package takes advantage of the already provided Auth generation and extends it, enabling user profiles.

Getting Started

These instructions will enable you to plug this package into your laravel installation and customise with ease.


Step 1: Run laravel's Authentiaction scaffolding

php artisan make:auth

Step 2: Open a command window in the your laravel project folder and run

composer require mressex/laravel-auth-profile

Step 3: Register the AuthProfileServiceProvider::class

  1. Open PROJECT_NAME/config/app.php
  2. In the 'providers' => [] array, under Illuminate\View\ViewServiceProvider::class, add MrEssex\LaravelAuthProfile\AuthProfileServiceProvider::class,

Step 4: To customise the views run php artisan vendor:publish. Now you can edit the views in PROJECT_NAME/resources/views/vendor/laravelauthprofile

Step 5: In your resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php Navigate to line 63, or <a href="{{ route('logout') }}" and add the following above it:

<a href="{{ route('profile') }}">Profile</a>

Common Errors

  1. [Login] view doesn't exist Ensure you have ran php artisan make:auth


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  • Kyle Essex - Initial work - MrEssex

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details