Adds Slack notifications on Cachet events.

1.1 2016-08-03 08:52 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-09-11 06:26:33 UTC


This package adds Slack integration to your Cachet installation.

When set up it will send notifications to a slack channel when a incident is either added or updated - and when components are added or updated.


composer require mrbase/cachet-slack-integration

Add provider to your config/app.php providers

'providers' => [

And to aliases:

'aliases' => [
    'Slack' => Maknz\Slack\Facades\Slack::class,

Publish config and translations:

php artisan vendor:publish


Edit config/slack.php and replace the following with your own settings, update any other settings as toy see fit:

'endpoint' => '',

The endpoint url is something like:

Remember to clear cache and config.

Done, Cachet will now send notifications to your Slack channel on incident events.


In the current version only one Slack account/channel is supported. I have plans for adding support for Slack subscriptions just as you subscribe to email notifications.

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