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Mozilla Marketplace PHP SDK

dev-master / 1.0.x-dev 2013-12-20 14:34 UTC

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A library to interact with Marketplace_

Allows to validate, create and manipulate webapps and screenshots


To Test::

composer install --dev


Obtain your key and secret from

Instantiate a target object::

$target = new Target;
//update the Target URL if necessary with $target->setUrl($url)

Instantiate a credential object::

$credential = new Credential;

Pass it to the Client::

$client = new Mozilla\Marketplace\Client;

Create webapp if manifest valid::

// validate manifest
$response = $client->validateManifest('');
echo "\n\nManifest id: ".$response['id'];
echo "\nManifest is ";
if ($response["valid"]) {
  echo "valid - creating webapp...";
  // create webapp
  $response = $client->createWebapp($response['id']);
  echo "\n\nWebapp id: ".$response['id'];
} else {
  echo "invalid";

Requires ########


Changelog ########

  • Each Object has it own responsibility
  • Each Object can be easily injected in frameworks like SF2 and ZF2
  • Guzzle keeps control of OAuth
  • 100% Coverage

.. _Marketplace: