This package contains a mailer that uses a SMTP server to send mail. The package is a wrapper around the Zend_Mail class of the Zend framework.

v2.0.0 2014-03-06 11:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-15 03:49:25 UTC


The SmtpMailService is used to send mails using a SMTP mail server.

The SmtpMailService is designed to be simple to use. Behind the scene, the SmtpMailService is using the more complex (and more powerful) ZendFramework 2 mail service.


This package is part of the Mouf PHP framework. As such, it comes with a nice graphical installer.

Install screen

You can configure the settings to connect to your SMTP server.

There is one compulsory parameter: host, which is the address of the server.

By default, on Linux systems, it is likely you will use the local mail server (host= You will have a "sendmail" or "postfix" server installed on your machine. If you are performing your developments on a Windows machine, it is quite likely that you will not have an SMTP server on your machine. You will therefore have to use a remote server. To access the remote server, you will certainly have to use login/passwords, etc...

When this package is installed, it will create a default "smtpMailService" and put in this instance all the parameters you have provided.

Note: nothing prevents you from creating several instances of the SmtpMailService class with different parameters (in the rare case you have an application that needs to connect to several SMTP servers).

After installation, you will see that a number of constants have been added to your config.php file. When deploying on other servers, you can of course change those constants to adapt to the settings of the server.

Tip: using your gmail account to send mails

In a development environment, it can be useful to use you gmail account. Here are the settings:

  • host => ''
  • ssl => 'tls'
  • port => 587
  • auth => 'login'
  • username => Your gmail mail address
  • password => Your password

Example use

Below is a sample code you can use to send a mail.

use Mouf\Utils\Mailer\Mail;
use Mouf\Utils\Mailer\SmtpMailService;

// First, let's create the mail object
$mail = new Mail();
$mail->setTitle("My mail");
$mail->setBodyText("This is my mail!");
$mail->setBodyHtml("This is my <b>mail</b>!");
$mail->setFrom(new MailAddress("", "Server"));
$mail->addToRecipient(new MailAddress("", "David"));

// Let's get the instance of the service
$mailService = Mouf::getSmtpMailService();

// Finally, we send the mail

To learn more about how to send mails, refer to the Introduction to Mouf's mail architecture.