This package contains an interface used by objects to say they can sort data. The concept is very simple, the object implements a sort method that takes a key (the sort column) and a direction, and that's it!

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This package contains an interface used by many objects to declare they have the ability to sort the result set they represent.

If your objects represent a resultset (for instance your object is a resultset from a query to a database), and if you can sort this result set (on a column of the resultset), then your object should implement SortableInterface.

interface SortableInterface {
	const ASC = "ASC";
	const DESC = "DESC";
	 * Sorts the result set.
	 * @param string $key The key to sort upon
	 * @param string $direction Either SortableInterface::ASC or SortableInterface::DESC
	public function sort($key, $direction = self::ASC);

Mouf package

This package is part of Mouf (, an effort to ensure good developing practices by providing a graphical dependency injection framework.