This package contains a jQuery file upload based field descriptor and renderer for BCE. This will help you build forms with HTML5 file upload capabilities.

3.2.x-dev 2014-10-09 13:09 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-15 04:19:35 UTC


BCE is a form builder for the Mouf framework. This package contains classes enabling the use of the jQuery file upload plugin right into forms generated by BCE.

How to use it

###Single file uploads: TODO

###Multi file uploads:

If you want to upload multiple files associated to a bean, it is likely you have a database table containing the list of files.

For instance, if you have a form representing a product, and if the product can have many photos attached to it, you certainly have a "products" table and a "product_photos" table that points towards product. Therefore, you probable have a ProductPhotoDao and ProductPhotoBean class.

The first thing to do is this:

  • ProductPhotoDao (the DAO of the table that contains the list of files) should implement the FileDaoInterface
  • ProductPhotoBean (the Bean of the table that contains the list of files) should implement the FileBeanInterface


interface FileDaoInterface extends DAOInterface {
	 * Returns a list of beans implementing the FileBeanInterface associated with the main bean containing the files.
	 * @param TDBMObject $mainBean
	function findFiles($mainBean);

The findFiles method will return the list of beans of the "file" table. If you are using TDBM, a typical implementation is:

public function findFiles($mainBean) {
	// Returns a list of FileBeanInterface associated to $mainBean
	return $this->getListByFilter($mainBean);


interface FileBeanInterface {
	 * Returns the full path to the file.
	function getFullPath();
	 * Sets the name of the file to be stored.
	 * @param string $fileName
	function setFileName($fileName);
	 * Sets the main bean we are pointing to.
	 * @param TDBMObject $mainBean
	function setMainBean($mainBean);

Please note that getFullPath should return the complete path to the file stored on disk on the server. setFileName is only setting the name of the file (not the path). Finally setMainBean is setting the object the file is related to. In our exemple, that would be an instance of ProductBean.

Are you done? Well, now, implementing the jQueryFileUpload mechanism should be a breeze!

Go to your BCEForm in instance mode, and in the list of fieldDescriptors, drag'n'drop a JqueryUploadMultiFileFieldDescriptor.

Field descriptors

Now, configure the instance you just drag'n'dropped:

Field descriptor