Laravel package to enqueue css and js files for load. It supports dependencies, caching and passing data to scripts from PHP.

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Laravel package to enqueue css and js files for load. It supports dependencies, to serve files in the correct order, caching, magic methods and passing along PHP variables.


Via Composer

$ composer require morningtrain/enqueuer

Add this service provider to your config/app.php file.



In all of the below cases, "Admin" can be any word and is used to group styles and scripts. A common use case is to have different scripts in admin and frontend.

To enqueue a script or style

Enqueuer::addAdminScript('jquery', [
	'location' => ''

Enqueuer::addAdminScript('sample', [
	'content' => "console.log('sample');",
	'dependencies' => ['jquery']

The syntax for adding styles and scripts are almost the same. The main difference is that you would call "addAdminStyle" in the above example instead. In addition, note that it is not possible to use the data property with styles.

Script dependencies

Some scripts and styles might be dependent on others. To solve this, one can add the dependencies property. The value of this property is an array that contains the names of all the script/styles it is dependent on. The scripts/styles will be sorted according to the dependencies.

Enqueuer::addAdminScript('sample', [
	'content' => "console.log('sample');",
	'dependencies' => ['jquery']

Enqueuer::addAdminScript('jquery', [
	'location' => ''

Pass PHP data to script

It is possible to pass on a data object to a script by including the data properties.

The value of data is an array containing the name of the object and the properties.

Enqueuer::addProfileScript('config_test', [
	'content' => "console.log(config.baseUrl);",
	'data' => [
		'object' => 'config',
		'properties' => [
			'baseUrl' => url('')

Including script and styles in views

To include scripts in view

{!! Enqueuer::getAdminScripts() !!}

To include styles in view

{!! Enqueuer::getAdminStyles() !!}

Cache control

Clear all caches

Clear everything


To clear all caches for scripts


To clear all caches for styles


To clear all caches for scripts in group (admin in this case)


To clear all caches for styles in group (admin in this case)


Managing settings

Settings can be overwritten at any time using this snippet:

	'cacheScripts' => true,
	'cacheStyles' => true,
	'alwaysGenerateStylesCache' => false,
	'alwaysGenerateScriptsCache' => false,
	'storageDisk' => 'public'

It allows for enabling / disabling cache for scripts and styles, as well as allowing the cache for being regenerated on every request. Note, that in order to use it without caching, all enqueued scripts have to be publicly available on the provided url.

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



GNU General Public License v3.0. Please see License File for more information.