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Websocket and Feedfunctionality

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dev-develop 2020-03-22 18:07 UTC

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Mopa Feed Bundle

This bundle comes with no guarantee :-)

Its intended to make websocket usage simpler and was orginating from sending user news feeds.
Now it can handle quite a bit more and even power chats

It is relying on rabbitmq to allow to send websocket messages from symfony2 applications
 that are not running in the same process as the websocket.

So you are abled to inform connected user applications asyncronously.

this bundle is already used in a few applications and might be heavily over engineered and untestet (phpunit).

One of the main goals was reusability of templates:
 so you can instruct the system to use templates connected with messages render
 them server sided in twig and send them then via websockets to "just use" the output in your app