Use the power of RabbitMQ in your e-commerce running with Magento 2.

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Use the power of RabbitMQ in your e-commerce running with Magento 2.


With composer: composer require monsieurbiz/amqp.

If you want to use delayed messages then you'll have to install the [Delayed Message Plugin][] on your RabbitMQ instance.

Create an exchange

magento monsieurbiz:amqp:exchange:create consume-me

With consume-me as exchange name.

You can also use a delayed exchange:

magento monsieurbiz:amqp:exchange:create --delayed consume-me

You can create multiple exchange at once:

magento monsieurbiz:amqp:exchange:create first-exchange-name second-exchange-name

Consume a queue

You have to create a consumer/worker.

Take a look at Console/Command/SampleCommand.php, it is a basic consumer.

Send a message in an exchange

Considering that $amqp is an instance of \MonsieurBiz\Amqp\Helper\Amqp.

Direct message

    ['my message content']

Delayed message

You need to install the Delayed Message Plugin on your RabbitMQ instance.

    ['my message content'],
        'application_headers' => new AMQPTable([
            'x-delay' => 5000 // 5 seconds of delay


Considering that $rpc is an instance of \MonsieurBiz\Amqp\Helper\Rpc.

Direct request

To send a request to the broker and get a response right away:

$response = $rpc->directRequest(
    ['my message content']

echo $response; // ["my message content"]

Batch messages

Before sending a batch, you should be aware on how RPC works.

Don't forget to keep the correlation identifier of every request you make.

$c1 = $rpc->request('consume-me', ['my first message']);
$c2 = $rpc->request('consume-me', ['my second message']);

$responses = $rpc->getResponses();

var_dump($responses[$c1]); // string(20) "["my first message"]"
var_dump($responses[$c2]); // string(21) "["my second message"]"

More you have consumers running faster you'll get the responses.


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