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Core component dependencies for the Monolith framework.

5.108 2020-06-23 18:36 UTC


version: 5.108

This isn't a tool that should be adopted. It's a design project to experiment with ideas.


  1. idiomatic language usage
    1. allows static-analysis without IDE extension or helpers
  2. no compromise for tradition
    1. integration of established tools / standards generally avoided
    2. standards and conventions are good for integration but they're not good for questioning what you know and questioning how things are usually done.
  3. grown like a garden, designed as a discovery process
    1. naive implementations are designed first
    2. algorithms become more complex only when pain points are experienced
    3. solve problems with the simplest implementation possible
  4. can become feature-complete
    1. lack of ambition to solve all problems
    2. components are open for extension, closed for modification
  5. smallest possible user-land api exposure
    1. final classes by default
    2. strong pressure to avoid inheritance


  1. extract the application skeleton to a new folder
  2. run composer install

Collections 8.2

some basic info about collections

Component Bootstrapping 7.1


Configuration 6.1

drop php dot env (uses global state so can't be used for multiple environments simultaneously in a runtime) add new configuration loader / reader keep env file conventions

Dependency Injection 8.1

basic di container

Error Handling 5.1

Build Status

HTTP 11.4

Build Status

Relational Database 7.1

Build Status

Web Routing 22.1

Build Status

Web Sessions 15.1

not yet secured, consider hazardous

Twig HTML Templating 5.1