Molajo Logs: Basic PSR-3 compliant Log Package for PHP applications

v0.2 2014-01-03 22:33 UTC


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Simple, clean API for PHP applications to use with logging.

At a glance ...

First, the application connects to a Log Handler. Then, the application can use that connection to perform log operations.


    // Connect to Log Handler
    use Molajo\Log\Connection;
    $adapter = new Connection('Memory');

    // Use connection for log operations
    $adapter->log($level, $message, $context = array());

    // Use connection to retrieve the entire log
    $log = $adapter->get();

Requirements and Compliance

Install using Composer from Packagist

Step 1: Install composer in your project

    curl -s | php

Step 2: Create a composer.json file in your project root

    "require": {
        "Molajo/Log": "1.*"

Step 3: Install via composer

    php composer.phar install


Amy Stephen - -
See also the list of contributors participating in this project.


Molajo Log is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details