Manage media library with a directory system and associate files with Eloquent models.

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All documentation is available at the documentation site.

💚 Features

  • Eloquent models: associate files with Eloquent models. Attach different file types (video, images) to different model attributes with polymorphic many-to-many.
  • Secure: public, signed, and protected endpoints and file sharing and downloads regardless of storage disk. Includes configurable middleware per API endpoints for fine-grained permissions and authorization
  • File sharing: securely share files a directories with anyone. Including none registered users.
  • Uploads: upload by external URL, local path, File or request UploadFile. The package exposes internal API endpoints for uploads, downloads, streams and other admin operations
  • Control: control uploads and shared files by types, size, size per type
  • Responsive images: automatically resize images on uploads for responsive frontend
  • Directory system: stored files and physically structured per databse folder/file tables. Updating tables automatically moves, updates or deletes file in storage
  • Rich text attachments: seamlessly management attachments and integrate model text fields
use MOIREI\MediaLibrary\Casts\Media;
use MOIREI\MediaLibrary\Casts\MediaArray;
use MOIREI\MediaLibrary\Models\File;

class Product extends Model
   $casts = [
      'image' => Media::class,
      'gallery' => MediaArray::class,

$video = File::find('video-file-id');

$product = Product::create([
   'name' => 'MOIREI MP202+',
   'image' => 'image-file-id1',
   'gallery' => ['image-file-id2', $video],


composer require moirei/laravel-media-library

Publish the config

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=media-library-config

Prepare the database

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=media-library-migrations

Then run the migrations

php artisan migrate


Please see CHANGELOG.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.