A form validation library for Modus Framework.

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Last update: 2023-01-11 10:42:53 UTC


Forms is a dead simple library for validating incoming data, whether that data be from the $_POST superglobal or from the CLI, or from any other source.


In order to use Forms, you need to extend the FormsBase class, and implement two values: $fields and configureValidations().

The $fields property contains an array of fields you'll be passing into the form, for the purposes of separating the valid content from content you don't care about. It should be an array of valid strings:

$fields = [

Once you have defined the $fields property, you can build your validations in the configureValidations() method.

protected function configureValidations()
  $filter = $this->filter;
  $filter->addSoftRule('username', $filter::IS, 'alnum');
  $filter->addSoftRule('username', $filter::IS_NOT, 'blank');
  $filter->addSoftRule('password', $filter::IS_NOT, 'blank');
  $filter->addSoftRule('password_verify', $filter::IS, 'equalToField', 'password');

Using Forms

Once you have completed basic setup, now you're ready to use Forms.

To populate the form, call the populateData method with an array of data to be populated and filtered.

To filter the data, call validate().

The getError, hasErrors and getErrors functions all provide access to various errors, if validate() should return false. You can use isValid() to determine if there are errors to be retrieved.