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Modseven Assets Module

##Installation composer require modseven/assets ..that's it.

##Configuration Copy the file(s) from vendor/modseven/assets/conf/ to your application/conf folder. Modify them as needed. The following configuration options are available for each type (js/css)

Option Description Default Value
type_minify IF true, then the files will be minified using matthiasmullie's minifier FALSE
type_path This is the directory where your source files are located (relative to PUBPATH)
type_minified Location to the minified file, minfied code will be stored there. (relative to PUBPATH) public/app.
lifetime Lifetime for minified files, set high value on production servers here 86400 (24 Hours)

##Usage Here is a example of adding, files with and without dependencies

// Basic example
$assets = \Modseven\Assets\Assets::instance();
$assets->addCSS('mycssfilewithoutextension', ['dependency1', 'dependency2']);

// Another example, this will render bootstrap first then navbar
$assets = \Modseven\Assets\Assets::instance();
$assets->addCSS('navbar', ['bootstrap']);

// ...even this is again somewher in the code it will just render "bootstrap" once

After adding files simply include them in your view. Example:

<html lang='en'>
        <title>Assets Demo</title>
        <?php echo \Modseven\Assets\Assets::renderCSS(); ?>
        <!-- YOUR BODY -->


Any help is more than welcome! Just fork this repo and do a PR.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to all Contributors and the Community!