This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Markdown compiler for github pages

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gh-pages-compiler generates a website from your markdown documentation.

This package is not maintained anymore. A more recent and complete version is here: Couscous.


Github pages are good, but what do you do:

  • if you want to write your documentation in Markdown and not in HTML?
  • if you want your documentation to be transformed into a website?
  • if you want to keep the documentation with your code, versioned in the repository?

gh-pages-compiler is here to help you. Your documentation is written in Markdown, versioned in your repository with your source, compiled to HTML and published to Github pages.

How does it work

  1. you write your README and documentation in .md files (Markdown) on your repository
  2. you generate you website with gh-pages-compiler
  • it turns .md files into HTML files
  • HTML files are committed to the gh-pages branch of your repository, and thus are published as a website by Github
  1. profit!


  • compiles Markdown using the same configuration as Github (to ensure correct results)
  • full control over the website layout: you write your own template and menus
  • supports any number of pages, images, links, Javascript (in the template), …
  • hosted by GitHub on "Github pages", you don't have to host your website
  • your README will be your home page, your code repository will always be in sync with your website

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Created by Matthieu Napoli, using and inspired by: