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v1.2.1 2020-07-06 14:27 UTC


Note A running version for TYPO3 v11 is in the v11 branch. It is not fully tested and migration will require manual work. Please do not update without a testing system and a backup!

The typo3_forum is a frontend plugin that adds a discussion board to your TYPO3-based website. The extension was originally written to be used for discussing questions about TYPO3 in the TYPO3 portal by Mittwald CM Service.

The extension currently consists of 10 different plugins. These plugins provide the following features:

  • Forum – The typo3_forum : Forum plugin offers all the basic functionalities of a full-featured discussion board, e.g. the display of different message boards as well as threads and posts contained in these message boards.
  • User profile – The typo3_forum : View of the Profile of all users. The plugin offers functionalities for the user to edit his/her own user information.
  • Moderation/Reports: List and edit reports – The typo3_forum : List of all topics and posts and reports for morderators.
  • Users List – The typo3_forum : a listview of a all user
  • Dashboard – The typo3_forum : The Dahshboard plugin displays a complete list of all users that are currently on-line or have been recently on-line. Furthermore, it shows interesting statistics, like the amount of posts written in the forum.
  • Tags – The typo3_forum : Tags plugin offers the functionality to categorize topics and posts
  • “MyTags” of a user – The typo3_forum : The plugin “MyTags” shows a list of the Tags from a user
  • Private Messages – The typo3_forum : Private messaging plugin implements a messaging system allowing users to write private messages among each other.
  • Posts List – The typo3_forum : The Plugin in shows a list of all posts of the forum
  • Topics List – The typo3_forum : The Plugin in shows a list of all topics of the forum

Migration from mm_forum

Migration is only possible from mm_forum 1.0. until typo3_forum version 1.1.0

You will find more details in the Documenation:

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Philipp Stranghöner and the whole team of Mittwald for providing support and

Contact Information

This project was build from Mittwald and is now maintaned by us. We are the Pottkinders from Bochum.

You can read more here:

If you need to contact us via mail use please =).