A collection of Deployer recipies for easily deploying your applications onto the mittwald platform


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This library is currently in an beta state. We welcome any feedback and contributions.

This repository contains a set of mittwald-specific helper functions and recipes for Deployer.


Via Composer

In order to use this recipe collection, you need to install it via Composer:

composer require --dev mittwald/deployer-recipes

Using Docker

There is also a pre-built docker image, providing both deployer and the mittwald deployer recipes. You can use it like this:

docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/app -w /app mittwald/deployer:latest deploy



Find configuration examples for common CI/CD tools like Github Actions and Gitlab CI at the bottom of this document.

This recipe needs a mittwald API token to work. It can be either provided via the MITTWALD_API_TOKEN environment variable, or by setting the mittwald_token value in your Deployer configuration.


In order to use the recipes provided by this library, you need to include them in your deploy.php file:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/mittwald/deployer-recipes/recipes/deploy.php';

To enable the automatic deployment for a host, set the mittwald_app_id variable to the ID of the mittwald application you want to deploy to (the ID may either be the full UUID of the application, or the short ID that is displayed in the UI or CLI). In this case, the hostname becomes irrelevant, as the recipe will automatically determine the correct hostname for the SSH connection:

    ->set('public_path', '/')
    ->set('mittwald_app_id', '<uuid|short-id>')
    ->set('mittwald_app_dependencies', [
        'php'      => '{{php_version}}',
        'gm'       => '*',
        'composer' => '*',

Alternatively, you can also use the mittwald_app shorthand function for the same effect:

    ->set('public_path', '/')
    ->set('mittwald_app_dependencies', [
        'php'      => '{{php_version}}',
        'gm'       => '*',
        'composer' => '*',

What does it do?

This recipe automates the provisioning of PHP applications on the mittwald cloud platform. You will only need to provide the recipe with the ID of the mittwald application you want to deploy to, and the recipe will take care of the rest by automatically determining the correct deployment path, database credentials, and so on.

More precisely, the recipe will:

  • Look up the deployment directory for the given application ID and set it as the deploy_path for deployer.
  • Correctly configure a virtual host for the domain configured in domain
  • Look up the necessary SSH connection data, create and manage an SSH user for the deployment, and configure the deployer host accordingly.
  • Make sure that the app's system environment matches the one configured in mittwald_app_dependencies

Configuration options

  • mittwald_app_id: The ID of the mittwald application you want to deploy to. This is the only required option, and should be set per host.

  • mittwald_app_dependencies: A map of system dependencies that should be installed on the mittwald application. The recipe will make sure that the app's system environment matches the one configured here.

    The expected format is a map, using system package names as keys and semver compatible version constraints as values.

    Defaults to ["php" => "{{php_version}}", "composer" => "*"].

  • mittwald_domains may be used to override the domains that should be configured. Defaults to ["{{domain}}"].

  • mittwald_domain_path_prefix can be used to configure a prefix for the domain path. Defaults to "/".

  • mittwald_ssh_public_key and mittwald_ssh_private_key may contain an SSH public/private key pair that should be used for deployment. If not set, the ssh_copy_id variable will be used.

Documentation & How-Tos

For more information on how to use this recipe, please refer to the documentation.