Enhanced assets for Yii2

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Enhanced assets for Yii2

Enhanced assets for Yii2.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist mito/yii2-enhanced-assets "*"

or add

"mito/yii2-enhanced-assets": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


Extend your asset bundles form \mito\assets\AssetBundle or \mito\assets\FallbackAssetBundle. Create a bundles.php file in each assets directory, that returns an array of asset bundle class names.

Add the following to your console application configuration:

'controllerMap' => [
    'packages' => 'mito\assets\PackagesController',
    'assetscleanup' => 'mito\assets\CleanupController',

Add the following to your web application configuration:

'components' => [
    'assetManager' => [
        'class' => 'mito\assets\AssetManager',

Add the following to your console and web application configuration:

'components' => [
    'bundleManager' => [
        'class' => 'mito\assets\BundleManager',
        'deployBundles' => [],

If you have an asset bundle that is not in bundles.php and is not a dependency of a bundle in bundles.php, add it to deployBundles. Yii's default bundles are included in defaultBundles.

yii packages will return an array of all bundles in the bundles.php files.

yii packages/deploy will check the files in the bundles, and will touch the bundle's base directory if any file is newer than the base directory. This will cause Yii to publish the new version. You can also use Yii::$app->bundleManager->deploy().

yii assetscleanup will delete old published asset bundles.