Make a unique url out of one or more db fields

1.0 2013-08-05 21:02 UTC


With this behavior, you can generate an URI for a single or combination of columns in your table. Some call it permalink, others call it slug or human readable url.

Check out the latest version at:

Imagine a blog table

| id | category | title                             |
|  1 | security | NASA Server hacked by hacker kids |
| ...

So you'd like a better URL than that?

What about

Google will love you ;)

How to get it done

  • Add another column called "slug" to your table
  • Download this extension and drop it into your protected/extensions folder,
  • Add the behavior to your model (shown below)

If you're using git, I'd recommend:

mkdir -p protected/extensions/behaviors (optional)
git submodule add git:// protected/extensions/behaviors/SluggableBehavior

Demo configuration of this behavior for your model

 * Behaviors for this model
public function behaviors(){
  return array(
    'sluggable' => array(
      'columns' => array('category', 'title', ''),
      'unique' => true,
      'update' => true,
  • class Defines the path where to find the SluggableBehavor.php
  • columns Needs to be an array of the fields to use for slug creation
  • unique Set this to true to ensure a unique slug (Numbers will be added to duplicate slugs, if already existing)
  • update Set this to true is every time you change the entry, the slug should be updated too. Set it to false, if the slug should be only created once

Download this extension (and fork it):


  • 2014-08-25 Slight speed improvement
  • 2011-04-30 Added update functionality
  • 2011-06-23 Added support for dependent models (see demo configuration,