A Laravel packages to allow your application to have a social network system.

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A Laravel library that allows your application to interact like a social network, in one of a heck of a simple way.

How to install


  • PHP: 7.4 or higher
  • ext-json: *
  • Laravel Framework: ^6|^7|^8
  • Milebits Eloquent Filters: 2 or higher
  • Milebits Laravel Stream": 1 or higher
  • Milebits Helpers: 1 or higher


It is quite simple to install this package and all its features, all you have to do is:

composer require milebits/society

After the composer installation is complete, you need to add the Sociable trait to the model you want to be social, in our case it will be the App\Models\User class that will be our sociable model.

    use Milebits\Society\Concerns\Sociable;
    class User extens Model
        use Sociable;

And there you are, you have just installed the Sociable package to your model!

How to use

The society repository

public function store(Request $request, User $friend)
    return $request->user()->society()->...
    return $request->user->society->...


Sending a friend request

public function store(Request $request, User $friend)
    return $request->user()->society()->friends()->add($friend);
    return $request->user->society->friends->add($friend);

The rest of the documentation is coming later...


If in any case while using this package, and you which to request a new functionality to it, please contact us at and mention the package you are willing to contribute or suggest a new functionality.


If in any case while using this package, you encounter security issues or security vulnerabilities, please do report them as soon as possible by issuing an issue here in Github or by sending an email to with the mention Vulnerability Report milebits/society as your subject.