The Mikenopa docker imager

v0.7.0 2024-04-11 11:34 UTC


This package contains two building tools:

  • mikdim is a tool for building docker images
  • mikdeb is a tool for building debian packages

Both tools are implemented in a single python-based binary. The binary may be just symlinked to a different name to run the secnod tool. This logic holds:

  • if the target binary name or target symlink name is mikdeb, the mikdeb tool is invoked
  • mikdim is invoked otherwise

Both tools internally use docker for building. While mikdim uses docker for building docker images, mikdeb uses a docker container for invoking the privileged part of creating the debian package. (file/dir owners and permissions needs to be set properly)


The mikdim/mikdeb is just a single binary which does not need any special installation procedure. These packages needs to be installed to run mikdim/mikdeb properly:

  • python3
  • python3-yaml
  • python3-schema
  • docker.io

If you want to make a regular installation using a deb file, you may build it using mikdeb itself. Installation procedure:

  1. install the dependencies mentioned above
  2. clone the mikdim repository to your local computer
  3. run ./mikdeb --git in the root of the repository
  4. install the created debian package by apt install out/mikdim_*.deb
  5. mikdim and mikdeb are now system-wide commands

Composer package

However mikdim/mikdeb is a python based project, we use it internally to deploy mainly php-based project. Therefore we made mikdim/mikdeb available also via composer:

composer require mikenopa/mikdim

Known issues

  • Documentation needs to be extended.
  • Manual pages should be written.