A library to get UK bank holidays

v3.0.0 2022-06-04 15:58 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-04 19:37:41 UTC


This package integrates with the UK Government's Bank Holiday Json response. It has been principally been designed for use with laravel, but is framework agnostic under the hood. This package requires PHP 7.1 or greater.


composer require midnite81/bank-holidays

If you are using laravel 5.4 or less, you will need to register the Bank Holiday service provider. If you are using 5.5 or greater than the package should be auto discovered.

 'providers' => [

You will need to publish the configuration file. To do this, please run

php artisan vendor:publish provider="Midnite81\BankHolidays\BankHolidayServiceProvider"


The UK Government provides the bank holiday json feed, this at the time of writing only includes the years between 2015 and 2021.


Version Description
v2.0 ✅ Php 7.1+
v1.0 Php 5.5.9+ Depreciated

View changelog for changes.

Http standards

To adhere to better standards, this package uses the popular and powerful PHP-HTTP library to make HTTP requests. This allows you, should you wish, to use your own HTTP Client instead of the default provided with this package. For more information on PHP-HTTP, please visit php-http.org.

Laravel usage example

Checking a date to see if it's a bank holiday

use Midnite81\BankHolidays\Contracts\IBankHoliday;

public function myFunction(IBankHoliday $bankHoliday)
    $bankHolidayEntity = $bankHoliday->bankHolidayDetail(
        \Carbon\Carbon::create(2020, 01, 01), 

    // if the date provided is a bank holiday a BankHolidayEntity is returned
    // otherwise it returns null. If the entity is returned you can access the entity properties below.

See entity properties

    if ($bankHoliday->isBankHoliday(
        \Carbon\Carbon::create(2020, 01, 01),
        )) {
        // if it is a bank holiday do this ...

Get all bank holiday dates

use Midnite81\BankHolidays\Contracts\IBankHoliday;

public function myFunction(IBankHoliday $bankHoliday)
    $bankHolidays = $bankHoliday->getAll(\Midnite81\BankHolidays\Enums\Territory::ENGLAND_AND_WALES);

    foreach($bankHolidays as $bankHoliday) { 
        echo $bankHoliday->title . "<br>\n";  

Check data range

The UK government supplies the data which is used in this package and is subject to date range limitations. Due to these limitations, this package provides two methods for you to ascertain the minimum and maximum dates in the data are available for you to check against.

use Midnite81\BankHolidays\Contracts\IBankHoliday;

public function myFunction(IBankHoliday $bankHoliday)
    $minimumDate = $bankHoliday->getMinDate(\Midnite81\BankHolidays\Enums\Territory::ENGLAND_AND_WALES);
    $maximumDate = $bankHoliday->getMaxDate(\Midnite81\BankHolidays\Enums\Territory::ENGLAND_AND_WALES);

Usage without laravel

public function someFunction()
    $config = [
       'cache-duration' => 60 * 60 * 24,
       'bank-holiday-url' => 'https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays.json',
       'cache-key' => 'midnite81-bank-holidays',
       'cache-class' => YourCacheClass::class, // you will need to create a cache class
       'filesystem-class' => \Midnite81\BankHolidays\Drivers\PhpFileSystem::class,
       'http-client' => null,
       'failure-backup' => true,
       'request-factory' => null

    $cache = new YourCacheClass(); // this must implement \Midnite81\BankHolidays\Contracts\Drivers\ICache
    $client = new \Midnite81\BankHolidays\Services\Client(null, null, $config);
    $bankHoliday = new \Midnite81\BankHolidays\BankHoliday($client, $cache, $config);

    // Once you have $bankHoliday instantiated you can use the following methods

    $bankHoliday->getAll(int $territory);
    $bankHoliday->bankHolidayDetail(Carbon $date, int $territory);

    // for territory please use the constants in `Midnite81\BankHolidays\Enums\Territory`

Bank Holiday Entity

The bank holiday entity has the following properties.

title - the title of the holiday - e.g. New Year's Day
date - a carbon instance of the bank holiday date
notes - any notes about the bank holiday
bunting - presumably whether bunting is displayed
territory - the territory the bank holiday applies to


The following territories are available

Midnite81\BankHolidays\Enums\Territory::ENGLAND_AND_WALES; // England and Wales   
Midnite81\BankHolidays\Enums\Territory::SCOTLAND; // Scotland   
Midnite81\BankHolidays\Enums\Territory::NORTHERN_IRELAND; // Northern Ireland   
Midnite81\BankHolidays\Enums\Territory::ALL; // All territories (e.g. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)