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Adds a very simple way to schedule (Embargo/Expire) SiteTree items

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1.0 2016-05-18 11:30 UTC

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#SoftScheduler ##non-cron Embargo & Expiry Module

This module allows you to specify when a page should become available (embargo) and when it should expire. It's called 'softscheduler' because it doesn't take care of publishing or unpublishing pages. Instead it checks if a published page should be available according to its set embargo/expire dates.

  • Someone that is logged in as an admin will always be able to see the page.
  • Setting both values as blank will mean the page is always visible.
  • If the embargo time and/or date are blank, the page will be displayed until it expires.
  • If the expiry time and/or date are blank, the page will be displayed once it embargos, and wont expire.


Schedule pages to become available/expire on certain dates & times


composer require micschk/silverstripe-softscheduler dev-master

Apply as Extension to pagetypes requiring scheduling (eg. NewsItems)

name: 'schedulerextension'
    - 'EmbargoExpirySchedulerExtension'

##Usage Overview

This doesn't work with staticpublisher and requires extra check to work well with partialcaching

Check for use in partialcaching: $publishedStatus

Convenience function is supplied to add extra 'where' for DB queries (TODO: apply via augmentSQL, see for example)

// workaround for Embargo/Expiry (augmentSQL for embargo/expiry is not working yet);
if( $class::has_extension("EmbargoExpirySchedulerExtension") ){
	$items = $items->where( EmbargoExpirySchedulerExtension::extraWhereQuery($class) );


SilverStripe 3.0+