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1.7.7 2023-02-25 14:34 UTC


Scans code for usage of deprecated and or changed code.

What about actually FIXING the broken code automatically?

TYPO3scan only reports on code that needs to be fixed when migrating to a higher version of TYPO3. If you want a tool that automatically fixes the code for you take a look at the TYPO3 Rector project.

What does it do?


TYPO3 publishes breaking changes and deprecations since version 7.

This tool scans a folder for any code that is broken or deprecated. It's a wrapper around the TYPO3 scanner library that has been extracted from the TYPO3 v9 core. You can scan for deprecations and breaking changes for v7 and up.

Is TYPO3 scan helping you to migrate your TYPO3 site more smoothly?

Then please consider a sponsorship so I can make this tool even more awesome!

Thank you! ♥


The scanner requires PHP 7.0 or higher to run. Why? Because this tool was written in 2018! Still running that old site on PHP 5.6? Move your extensions over to a system with PHP 7.0+ to scan them.

If there is enough demand I can downgrade components of the scanner so it can also run on PHP 5.6. This would also mean that the TYPO3 scanner library will need to be adjusted. It is taken from the TYPO3 9 core which requires PHP 7.2 at the time of writing. This sounds like quite a hassle to me, so if you want to run the LTS version of TYPO3 . . . ugrading your PHP version is the preferred practice.


Install into an existing composer project:

composer require "michielroos/typo3scan"


Scan a path

Specify a path to scan.

php ./typo3scan.phar scan ~/tmp/source

Scan for changes in certain TYPO3 version

By default the scanner scans for breaking changes and deprecations in the most recent version of TYPO3. At the time of writing, this is version 10.

  • long option: --target
  • short option: -t
  • values: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • default: 12
php ./typo3scan.phar scan --target 8 ~/tmp/source

Show only certain types of changes

You can filter out specific change types (breaking, deprecation, feature, important)

  • long option: --only
  • short option: -o
  • values: breaking, deprecation, feature, important
  • default: breaking,deprecation,feature,important
php ./typo3scan.phar scan --only breaking ~/tmp/source

php ./typo3scan.phar scan --only breaking,deprecation ~/tmp/source

Show only certain indicator types (strong / weak)

You can filter out specific indicator types (strong, weak)

  • long option: --indicators
  • short option: -i
  • values: strong, weak
  • default: strong,weak
php ./typo3scan.phar scan --indicators weak ~/tmp/source

php ./typo3scan.phar scan --indicators strong ~/tmp/source

Change output format

You can specify a different output format.

  • long option: --format
  • short option: -f
  • values: html, junit, markdown, plain
  • default: plain
php ./typo3scan.phar scan --format markdown ~/tmp/source

Specify report filename

Instead of piping the output to a file, typo3scanner can write directly to a report file

  • long option: --reportFile
  • short option: -r
php ./typo3scan.phar scan -r ~/tmp/report.txt ~/tmp/source

Specify custom template folder

You can output in ANY format of your choosing by specifying a custom templatePath.

  • long option: --templatePath

The scanner looks for a file with the name Format.twig. So if you create a HTML template and store that in ~/path/to/templates/Html.twig, then you can generate a HTML report with the following command:

php ./typo3scan.phar scan --format html --templatePath ~/path/to/templates ~/tmp/source

If you want to output the report as Restructured Text, you would create a Rst.twig template and generate rest using:

php ./typo3scan.phar scan --format rst --templatePath ~/path/to/templates ~/tmp/source

Capture output in a file

You can redirect the output to a file

php ./typo3scan.phar scan --format markdown  ~/tmp/source > source.md

Loop over a list of extensions

If you have a list of extension keys you want to scan, you can do something like:

for e in `cat ~/extensions.txt`;
    php ./typo3scan.phar scan --format markdown  ~/tmp/ext/$e > ~/tmp/reports/$e.md;

Run the TYPO3scan tool from within Gitlab CI

Check multiple extensions in the folder web/typo3conf/ext/ adjust that path if needed.

The result is an artifact which contains a Build/Report/Deprecations where you have a file per extension and TYPO3 Version 7, 8, 9 and 10.

This way you can easily review each extension.

With the planned junit ouput this can be nicely integrated into the gitlab merge request widget as well.

  image: docker.kay-strobach.de/docker/php:7.1
  stage: test
    SCANNER_RELEASE: "https://github.com/Tuurlijk/typo3scan/releases/download/1.3.0/typo3scan.phar"
    - curl -L $SCANNER_RELEASE --output typo3scan.phar
    - php ./typo3scan.phar
    - mkdir -p Build/Report/Deprecations
    - for d in web/typo3conf/ext/*/ ; do (php ./typo3scan.phar scan --target 7 --format markdown $d > Build/Report/Deprecations/v7-$(basename $d).md); done
    - for d in web/typo3conf/ext/*/ ; do (php ./typo3scan.phar scan --target 8 --format markdown $d > Build/Report/Deprecations/v8-$(basename $d).md); done
    - for d in web/typo3conf/ext/*/ ; do (php ./typo3scan.phar scan --target 9 --format markdown $d > Build/Report/Deprecations/v9-$(basename $d).md); done
    - for d in web/typo3conf/ext/*/ ; do (php ./typo3scan.phar scan --target 10 --format markdown $d > Build/Report/Deprecations/v10-$(basename $d).md); done
    when: on_success
    expire_in: 7 days
    - Build

Example output

You can find example templates in the Resources/Private/Templates folder.


A part of the plain output for:

typo3scan.phar scan ~/tmp/source/powermail

Looks like this:


Found 26 matches in 1.09s when checking for changes and deprecations in TYPO3 7

29.41%  70.59%  5.88% 94.12%  

Call to method "isEnabled()" (weak)
60 if ($this->isEnabled()) {
Deprecation: #37171 - Deprecate t3editor->isEnabled()

Usage of array key "dividers2tabs" (strong)
14 'dividers2tabs' => true,
Breaking: #62833 - Removed dividers2tabs functionality

Usage of array key "canNotCollapse" (weak)
240 'canNotCollapse' => 1
Breaking: #67753 - Drop "Show secondary options"

Usage of array key "_PADDING" (weak)
206 '_PADDING' => 2,
Breaking: #63846 - FormEngine refactoring

Access to array key "formevals" (weak)
71 $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SC_OPTIONS']['tce']['formevals']['\In2code\Powermail\Tca\EvaluateEmail'] =
Breaking: #67749 - Force class auto loading for various hooks


A part of the html output for:

typo3scan.phar scan ~/tmp/source/coreapi -f html -t 7

Looks like this:


A part of the junit output for:

typo3scan.phar scan ~/tmp/source/coreapi -f junit -t 7

Looks like this:


If you want to help improve this tool to reduce the amount of false positives, improve matchers, add new matchers etc., your contributions are very welcome!

You can contribute here: TYPO3scan src repository


This project was generously sponsored by Stichting Praktijkleren.