Allow users to send emails when an event occurs.

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Last update: 2022-01-17 10:39:20 UTC


This tool allows you to send e-mails from your Laravel Nova dashboard when an event happens in your application. This ensures that you can quickly respond to the needs of your business.

Creation example

What is an event?

An event can be just about anything:

  • A user just registered.
  • The user switched plans.
  • You get an API request.
  • etc.

Laravel allows you to create event easily. Just run:

php artisan make:event MyCustomEvent

This will create a new class in app/events. Now you can throw the event:

event(new MyCustomEvent($user));

What events are included?

Only the events listed under app_path('Events');/app/Events. Need support for other events too? Create a pull request to add it.


Installing is simple. Just use Composer:

composer require michielgerritsen/laravel-nova-email-on-event

Can i use variables in my e-mails?

Yes, you can. You can use all variables that are public available on the event. You can use them like this:

Hello {$user->name},

Order #{$order->id} just shipped to: