Laravel extension to send command output through telegram bots

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Laravel extension to send command output trough telegram bots


laravel-telegram-event-output requires another Laravel extension: irazasyed/telegram-bot-sdk. This requirement is managed by Composer and you should not worry for it. Although this, some configurations of telegram-bot-sdk are required.


Download using composer:

composer require alberto-bottarini/laravel-telegram-event-output

Edit config/app.php and add a new ServiceProvider:


and a new Alias:

'Telegram'  => Telegram\Bot\Laravel\Facades\Telegram::class

Publish telegram configuration executing:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=irazasyed/telegram-bot-sdk

Edit config/telegram.php or .env and add your Telegram API token id. This will be provided by BotFather. Here you can find some documentation.

Improve your App\Console\Kernel with a new Trait:

use \AlbertoBottarini\LaravelTelegramEventOutput\TelegramConsoleKernel;


Since now, thanks to the trait, your ConsoleEvent shows a new method, telegramOutputTo, that you should call in the same way you called emailOutputTo. This method accepts a required parameter chatId. This will be the id of the chat/group where you want to receive the command notification. You can obtain this by using the getUpdates BOT command(documentation).


$telegramChatId = 1234567890;
$schedule->command('inspire')->cron('* * * * *')