Ordered map accepting arbitrary keys

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Basic usage:

$map = new \Mfn\Util\Map\SimpleOrderedMap;
$map->add(new \stdClass, "value");
foreach ($map->keys() as $key) {
  echo $map->get($key), PHP_EOL;

Outputs: value

Common usage

Add and set keys/values:

use \Mfn\Util\Map\SimpleOrderedMap;
$map = SimpleOrderedMap;
$map->add($key, $val); # throws exception if key already exists
$map->set($key, $val); # replaces value if key already exists


$val = $map->get($key); # throws exception if key does not exist
if ($map->exists($key)) {
  # ...


$map->del($key); # throws exception if key does not exist

The keys are always kept in their order when removing, this position index are available:

$index = $map->getKeyPosition($key);
$key = $map->getKayAt($index);
$val = $map->getValueAt($index);

Create from existing hashes or arrays:

use \Mfn\Util\Map\SimpleOrderedMap;
$map = SimpleOrderedMap::fromHash(['a'=>true,10=>NULL]);
$map->keys(); # ['a',10]
$map->values(): # [true,NULL]

# The same with separate arrays. Note: arrays length must match
$map = SimpleOrderedMap::fromArrays(
$map->keys(); # ['a',10]
$map->values(): # [true,NULL]

Many more methods, please see the source of SimpleOrderedMap

Using with key/value validation

If you feel like you need some kind of validation, you can use SimpleOrderedValidatingMap which provides callbacks for checking new added key and values:

use Mfn\Util\Map\SimpleOrderedValidatingMap as Map;

$map = new Map(
              function($key) {
                if ($key instanceof \stdClass) {
                throw new \Mfn\Util\Map\SimpleOrderedValidatingMapException(
                  'Only keys of type stdClass are allowed'
              function($value) {
                if ($value instanceof \stdClass) {
                throw new \Mfn\Util\Map\SimpleOrderedValidatingMapException(
                  'Only values of type stdClass are allowed'
# Throws an exception


Using composer: composer.phar require mfn/util-simpleorderedmap 0.0.2


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