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Add a docblock to your view, describing what parameters and types the template accepts and let the library automatically handle the argument type validation.

Never fear of a) now knowing what arguments a template accepts and b) what types they should be.


PHP 5.6 / Laravel 5.0/5.1

Install / Setup

Using composer: composer.phar require mfn/laravel-view-docblock 0.1

Register the service provider in your config/app.php by add this line to your providers entry: Mfn\Laravel\ViewDocblock\Provider::class

Note: it is advisable to register the provider after the laravel framework providers and before your custom ones.

Publish the configuration:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Mfn\Laravel\ViewDocblock\Provider"


Instead of:

<div class="box-body">
    <div class="box-body">
        <div class='form-group{{ $errors->has("{$lang}.title") ? ' has-error' : '' }}'>
            {!! Form::label("{$lang}[title]", trans('page::pages.form.title')) !!}

you add a docblock, specifying what parameters and types are accepted:

use Illuminate\Support\ViewErrorBag;
 * @param ViewErrorBag $errors
 * @param string $lang
<div class="box-body">
    <div class="box-body">
        <div class='form-group{{ $errors->has("{$lang}.title") ? ' has-error' : '' }}'>
            {!! Form::label("{$lang}[title]", trans('page::pages.form.title')) !!}

For a list of supported defaul types, please see


  • enable_production: Set to true to enable validation in production too. Defaults to false.

  • require_docblock_on_data: Set to true to require a docblock on every template file. Defaults to false.

  • report_missing_arguments: Set to true to report missing parameter types as errors. Defaults to false.

  • argument_blacklist: A list of variables which should automatically be excluded from the validation. Useful for global or internal variables which are available in all templates.

  • additional_types: register additional validation types, specific for Laravel:

    • CollectionType: supports Collection<SomeObject>. Note: if an inner object type is provided (SomeObject in this example), the collection is iterated to ensure the types match!
    • TraversableType: transparently supports any class implementing the Traversable interface like an array. Note: inner types are ignored when encountering such a type.

The default settings are for easy getting started/integrating into existing projects. To take full effect of the library, the recommended settings are:

  • require_docblock_on_data => true
  • report_missing_arguments => true

However, undertand that Laravel is notorious in passing "global" variables to all templates, e.g. $errors is supposedly always available, which may render the option report_missing_arguments being set to true quite annoying.


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