Skeleton Application for ZF2

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This is a simple, skeleton application using the ZF2 MVC layer and module systems.

This skeleton comes with:

Project is [optionally] integrated with:


Using Composer (recommended)

The recommended way to get a working copy of this project is to clone the repository and use composer to install dependencies using the create-project command:

curl -s | php --
php composer.phar create-project mfcc/skeleton-application path/to/install

Alternately, clone the repository and manually invoke composer using the shipped composer.phar:

cd my/project/dir
git clone
cd ZendSkeletonApplication
php composer.phar self-update
php -c php.ini composer.phar install

(The self-update directive is to ensure you have an up-to-date composer.phar available.)

Project Setup

Setup project configs

Set your db connection. Copy config/autoload/local.php.dist to config/autoload/local.php and provide username, password etc.

Set your social login integration if needed in config/autoload/ and config/autoload/scn-social-auth.local.php.dist

Create entities

Create your Entities and Repositories. Example provided is in module/Application/src/Application/Entity/Article.php

Create database


php vendor/bin/doctrine orm:schema-tool:update --force

to create your database.

Run faker to fake your entities data if you want

php public/index.php faker

[optional] Set up Phing

Set your deployment options in build.xml and deploy with cli:

php phing-latest.phar

or apply your hotfix with:

php phing-latest.phar applyhotfix

[optional] Set up Bower

Install bower (if not installed)

npm install -g bower

Require your project dependencies, e.g.:

bower install jquery

And update your package file to share with others

bower init

[optional] Set up Gulp

Install gulp globally (if needed)

npm install --global gulp

Edit gulpfile.js to meet your needs (set publicDir variable) and run


To run individual tasks, use gulp <task> <othertask>.

Default Gulp setup

Gulp comes with following packages:

gulp command does following:

  • Gets all libraries installed and required by bower in bower.js, copies them to publicdir/js/libs and concatenates them to publicdir/dist/libs.js, publicdir/dist/libs.min.js
  • checks any JavaScript file in our publicdir/js directory and makes sure there are no errors in our code (excluding subfolders)
  • compiles any of our Sass files in our publicdir/scss directory into .css and saves the compiled .css file in our publicdir/css directory
  • concatenates all JavaScript files in our publicdir/js directory (excluding subfolders) and saves the ouput to publicdir/dist/scripts.js, publicdir/dist/scripts.min.js

Gulp watch watches publicdir/js, publicdir/js/libs and publicdir/js/scss for any changes.

How to use faker

Edit FakerController.php and then just run php public/index.php faker

Example content of FakerController.php:

$generator = \Faker\Factory::create();
$populator = new \Faker\ORM\Doctrine\Populator($generator, $this->getEntityManager());
$populator->addEntity('SomeEntity', 1000);
$populator->addEntity('ZfcUser\Entity\User', 100, array(
  'username' => null
$insertedPKs = $populator->execute();

Find more details here