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This package provides an API for the IPIP.NET databases. The API only works with the DATX databases.

Install via Composer

We recommend installing this package with Composer.

Download Composer

To download Composer, run in the root directory of your project:

curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

You should now have the file composer.phar in your project directory.

Install Dependencies

Run in your project root:

php composer.phar require metowolf/ip2

You should now have the files composer.json and composer.lock as well as the directory vendor in your project directory. If you use a version control system, composer.json should be added to it.

Require Autoloader

After installing the dependencies, you need to require the Composer autoloader from your code:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';


To use this library, you should download DATX database via IPIP.NET and put it to your project system anywhere, or just use the free database in src/17monipdb.datx.

See the Example for more details.


require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use Ip2\Db\Reader;

$reader = new Reader();
// $reader = new Reader('/usr/local/share/IPIP.datx');

print($reader->country() . "\n"); // '中国'
print($reader->state() . "\n"); // '北京'
print($reader->city() . "\n"); // '北京'
print($reader->org() . "\n"); // '清华大学'
print($reader->isp() . "\n"); // '教育网'
print($reader->isocode() . "\n"); // 'CN'
// print_r($reader->range($TOKEN)); // ['', '']
print_r($reader->cidrs()); // ['']
print($reader->china_code() . "\n"); // 110000
print($reader->version() . "\n"); // '2018070201'

be compatible to ipip/datx

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$bs = new Ip2\Db\Reader("/path/to/mydata4vipday4.datx"); // 城市级数据库


method 中文含义 database
country() 国家 free edition
state() 省会或直辖市 free edition
city() 地区或城市 free edition
org() 学校或单位 free edition
isp() 运营商字段 premium weekly edition
latitude() 纬度 daily edition
longitude() 经度 daily edition
timezone() 时区一 daily edition
timezone2() 时区二 daily edition
china_code() 中国行政区划代码(support fake function) daily edition
phone_prefix() 国际电话代码 daily edition
isocode() 国家二位代码(support fake function) daily edition
continent() 世界大洲代码 daily edition
is_idc() IDC标签 ultimate edition
is_base_station() 基站标签 ultimate edition

⚠️ 关于 ->range() 接口

由于 range 接口可能允许用户对 datx 加密文件格式进行循环反解,这是违反 IPIP.net 的用户协议的,在 IPIP.net 方面建议下,调用该接口需要同时传递一个字符串 Token 方可正常使用。

Token 获取流程如下:

  1. 向 IPIP.net 技术支持邮箱发送授权申请书,内容需包括使用人、使用主体、使用场景等;
  2. 收到 IPIP.net 方面同意回复后,转发该邮件至 metowolf88+ipiptoken@gmail.com
  3. 我们会在三个工作日内审核并将 Token 发送给你;


Test ipip/datx (original) metowolf/IP2
1k random IP ~ 159285 rps ~ 215789 rps or 1.35 times faster
10k random IP ~ 144778 rps ~ 205389 rps or 1.41 times faster
100k random IP ~ 157085 rps ~ 214852 rps or 1.36 times faster
100k static IP ~ 108680 rps ~ 231163 rps or 2.12 times faster


This library requires PHP 7.0 or greater. This library maybe compatible with 5.6.\


IP2 © metowolf, Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by metowolf with help from contributors (@kn007, @akafeng)

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