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Drag&Drop richeditor with blocks for OctoberCMS backend forms.

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Internal use for now


Install plugin by OctoberCMS plugin updater.

Go to Settings –> Updates&Plugins find Gutenberg in plugin search. Click on icon and install it.

or via Composer

composer require meevo/gutenberg


This plugin works only by implementing Gutenberg behavior in your model. It will create morphOne relation with Gutenberg\Content model.

Go to your model and add behavior in $implement array:

public $implement = ['Meevo.Gutenberg.Behaviors.Gutenbergable'];

After you need to add behavior to $implement array in your model controller.

public $implement = ['Meevo.Gutenberg.Behaviors.GutenbergController'];

Done. Your model now has morphOne with Gutenberg\Content Model by content field that renders only on created model page.


Rendering examples below.

{{ post.content.render }}

In order to correctly display Gutenberg styles. You must add laraberg public styles to your page:


Working with source js code

If you want to add some features you can work with source files of Laraberg in /plugins/meevo/gutenberg/formwidgets/gutenberg/assets/resources, to set up all environment follow these steps:

  1. Clone Gutenberg rep.: git clone gutenberg
  2. After cloning execute these commands:
    cd gutenberg           // go to Gutenberg folder
    npm i                  // install all dependencies
    npm run build          // Build Gutenberg
    sudo npm link          // Link it to your global node_modules
    cd ..                  // Go back to Laraberg root
    npm i                  // install all dependencies
    npm link gutenberg     // Link Gutenberg package to Laraberg
  3. Now you set up.

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