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0.2.0 2016-10-20 14:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-05-29 00:37:47 UTC



Extension for printing out ancestors, descendants and relationship trees of pages interconnected with Semantic MediaWiki properties.


  • {{#SMWParent:}} Show the parent / ancestor pages

  • {{#SMWChildren:}} Show the children / descendant pages




  • If FULLPAGENAME is skipped, current page is used
  • PARENT_TYPE to retrieve, or alternately up to which level PARENT_LEVEL to reach
  • If input is 'link', resulting pages are shown as links instead of as text.


An API endpoint is available. action=smwparent.

  • retrieve: 3 possible methods (parent, children, tree)
  • title: fullpage title of page in the wiki
  • type: the type of pages to be retrieved (according to a given properties)
  • link_properties: properties used for linking between pages
  • type_properties: properties used for defining the types. If 'Categories', MediaWiki categories are also used.
  • print_properties: properties to be printed and appended to the nodes.

Parameters and default values

You can override these values by modifying LocalSettings.php below extension requirement.

$wgSMWParentlimit = 100; // Limit of pages to transverse

$wgSMWParentTypeProperty = array("Is_Type"); // Defines the SMW Property that assigns a particular type to a page

$wgSMWParentdefault = "Request"; // Default type of a page

$wgSMWChildrendefault = "File"; // Default type of a file

$wgSMWParentProps = array('Comes_from_Process', 'Comes_from_Sample', 'Has_Request'); // Properties that provide de glueing between the different pages.

$wgSMWParentPrintProps = array('Start', 'End'); // Properties associated to an object which are printed


  • Better handling of SMW property types
  • Refactor some functions and variables
  • Adding JSONScript tests following Semantic MediaWiki model