Add multiedit parser function to Semantic Forms

dev-master 2015-10-08 14:57 UTC

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Last update: 2023-05-14 23:33:02 UTC


Add multiedit parser function to Semantic Forms

// Max number of pages than can be created at once

$GLOBALS['wgSFMEMaxPages'] = 100;

Example Syntax

{{#multiedit:target=Sample:XXX_|form=Sample|query string=Sample[Batch name]=Mybatch&Sample[Request Reference]={{FULLPAGENAME}}&Sample[Creation date]={{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}} {{CURRENTDAY2}} {{CURRENTYEAR}} {{CURRENTTIME}}:{{CURRENTSECOND}}|start=0|end=10|digits=2|overwrite=0|link text='''Add samples'''|ok text=Samples created|reload|mail={{{User_Name|}}}|checkbase=\d{6}_S_\D{4}|origin={{FULLPAGENAME}}}}}}|All samples are created}}


  • target: Base name of the base
  • form: Form to be used
  • query_string: Data to be passed to the form
  • start: First iteration number
  • end: Last iteration number
  • digits: Number of digits of the iteration numbers
  • link text: Text of the link generated
  • ok text: Text once pages are successfully created
  • reload: Whether to reload hosting page once done
  • mail: ... TODO ...
  • checkbase: Extra check for avoiding pages to be created that do not follow the given regex
  • origin: Reference for origin pages