A Mediawiki extension to allow for the usage of special bootstrap components inside wiki markup.

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Bootstrap Components is a MediaWiki extension that aims to provide editors with an easy access to certain components introduced by Twitter Bootstrap 4.

Depending on your configuration, editors can utilize a number of tag extensions and parser functions inside wiki code to place certain bootstrap components on MediaWiki pages. Also, depending on your configuration it can add a new gallery mode, and replace normal image rendering with an image modal.


  • PHP 7.4 or later
  • MediaWiki 1.35 or later


Please also see the known issues section.

There is also a migration guide for users switching from bootstrap3 (BootstrapComponents ~1.2) to bootstrap4 (BootstrapComponents ~4.0).


For bug reports and feature requests please see, if it is already reported on the list of open bugs. If not, report it. Also see the contribute section for instructions on bug reporting and the list of known issues.

For general questions, comments, or suggestions you might use the talk page on For direct contact with the author please use the Email functionality on


If you are using bootstrap3, please use the legacy documentation.