Provides a special page with Wikibase information about a certain topic, with invitation to create an article for the topic

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The ArticlePlaceholder is a MediaWiki extension. Read the detailed documentation at

ArticlePlaceholder enables placeholder pages on Wikibase Client installations using data of the repository.

The file includes/Template/Wikidata-P18.xml shouldn't be used in production but is for testing purposes.



ArticlePlaceholder requires

  • MediaWiki
  • Wikibase Client, connected to a Wikibase Repo
  • Scribunto for the display of the content
  • Cite for the display of the references on a placeholder page
  • ContentTranslation (optional) for creating new articles based on existing ones in other languages


wfLoadExtension( 'ArticlePlaceholder' );

needs to be set in the LocalSettings.php of your MediaWiki Installation.

There are multiple settings for the ArticlePlaceholder, which can be configured, a list can be found on the MediaWiki page of the extension.


In order to be able to actually use the functionalities of the special page and the Lua module, it is necessary to import (via Special:Import or the importDump.php maintenance script) the Template and Module AboutTopic. These are located in the extension folder in includes/Template.

Optionally to enable the ordering of properties on the ArticlePlaceholder pages, your wiki needs a page with a list of sorted properties. This page needs to be called MediaWiki:Wikibase-SortedProperties.