This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.
There is no license information available for the latest version (0.8.1) of this package.



MediaSilo makes it easy to share and collaborate with your team and customers anywhere. Check out our full feature set here!

The SDK is built on top of our REST API. To learn more about our REST API have a look at our documentation here.


The SDK is most easily used with Composer. To install Composer:

curl -sS | php

Check to see that composer has been installed:

    php composer.phar --version

Install the SDK's dependencies:

    php composer.phar install

Install the SDK into your project

In the root of your project create a composer.json as follows. More info on getting started with composer can be found here.

    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""
    "require" : {
        "mediasilo/phoenix-php-sdk": "0.7.6

Next, install the SDK using

composer install

What can I do?

The MediaSiloAPI file is a wrapper to everything that the SDK can do for you. Refer to this file any time you want to see what functions are available to you.

alt MediaSilo API Methods

Sample Usage



use mediasilo\MediaSiloAPI;

// Set your credentials
$username = "PoohBear";
$password = "T!gger!sPushy";
$host = "100acreforest";

// Instantiate client
try {
    $mediaSiloAPI = MediaSiloAPI::createFromHostCredentials($username, $password, $host);
catch(\mediasilo\http\exception\NotAuthenticatedException $e) {
    print "Bad credentials. Cat on the keyboard? \n";

// Start making some calls
$me = $mediaSiloAPI->me();

An Example

Getting Assets By Folder
... Initialize the API as shown above

// Here's the project we're interested in traversing
$projectId = "07706DCC-014B-2CE0-CF518D31A23C393E";

// Let's find everything at the root of the projects
$rootLevelAssets = $mediaSiloApi->getAssetsByProject($projectId);
$rootLevelFolders = $mediaSiloApi->getProjectFolders($projectId);

// Ok, now let's traverse the prject to find the rest of the assets
foreach($rootLevelFolders as $folder) {
    get_folder_contents($mediaSiloApi, $folder->id);

function get_folder_contents($mediaSiloApi, $folderId) {
    print "FolderId:".$folderId."\n";
    try {
        $assets = $mediaSiloApi->getAssetsByFolder($folderId);
    catch(NotFoundException $e) {
        print "There are not assets in this folder. Better get cracking and add some! \n";

    try {
        $subfolders = $mediaSiloApi->getSubfolders($folderId);

        foreach($subfolders as $subfolder) {
            get_folder_contents($mediaSiloApi, $subfolder->id);
    catch(NotFoundException $e) {
        print "No more folders here!";